Consistency is the trade mark of Simco Auto, we strive to remain consistent in delivering high quality product. Our skillful work force is committed to fulfill the object of precision and quality of each and every product. We have latest technology which further enhance the level of our precision and thus enable us to produce high quality products for our customers all over the world.

Our prime focus is our clients and their trust in us and in our products. Our focused management work constantly with skill full work force to remain engrossed in producing excellent automotive parts for our clients. We perform and in depth study and have an inhouse research labs to further extend our quality and standards.

SIMCO employs a specialized workforce of designers who are always willing to go the extra mile at every stage till the final shape of the product. Industrial design, mechanical planning, functional simulation and information technology are perfectly integrated in the ambience where the product is developed.

  • Industrial Design: Creating of the conceptual models
  • Mechanical Planning: Creating and handling of projects or products, gathering all detailed information concerning the suppliers, the cost of raw materials, the level release, studying and analyzing any possibility of new solutions.
  • Functional Simulation: Valuing and bettering of the functional performance of all components with a maximum reduction of the development time and the waiting time for a product to be ready for the distribution in the market.
  • Information Technology: Each designer has his own working area for the local planning modification and a common area which enables all designers to modify the product models, notify the modifications to all other users and manage all the products data and the development processes.

The company employs well outfitted tool room equipped with surface grinding machines, milling machines, spark erosion machine and CNC machining centers, Copy Turning Lathes to manufacture various moulds and special parts.

SIMCO effectively involves every level of organization in quality management practices in order to achieve total customer satisfaction through its products and services. The company has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification which goes to prove that how well managed are its in-house standards.
The production line employs the most advanced methods of designs and production on all projects such as:

  • Computer Aided design (CAD)
  • Automated Control and Production
  • Advanced technology for testing, performance, reliability and durability